Liberation Through Hearing

Liberation Through Hearing was a twelve-hour sleep music concert by Michael Reiley McDermott in 2016, for which I performed live analog visuals.

According to the artist: "This live performance used synthesizers, tape loops and slow motion surround sound sonic landscapes to warp the audiences’ perception of time as the music will reach the level of near stillness through the wee hours of the morning. This concert was meant to be experienced subconsciously as McDermott cycled through his interpretation of themes of death and rebirth found in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. The score culminated at sunrise concluding the sonic lullaby."

The visuals were a key part of the experience, blanketing the room in vibrant colors that could both be carefully observed as well as taken in as a gentle backdrop. I have a deep interest in long-form live visual performances in an ambient setting, and creating a visual environment that reacts to and compliments an audio counterpart.